What Is the Cost of CoolSculpting®?

We all grew up with the saying that “beauty is pain,” but we never realized that most of the pain would likely be felt by our wallets. In the past, only celebrities or very wealthy people could afford to undergo any type of cosmetic procedure. However, nowadays technology is continuously evolving, allowing people with any budget to get access to various cosmetic procedures. 

But what about CoolSculpting®? Everyone is raving about it as the pain-free alternative to liposuction for stubborn fat, but how expensive is it? How much are you expected to pay for one session, and are there any ways for you to reduce the price? Well, let’s find out!

How Did CoolSculpting® Evolve?

CoolSculpting® was launched in 2010 as one of the first procedures to use freezing technology to remove fat. However, what’s even more impressive than the actual effects themselves is the evolution of the procedure. 

In the past, the applicators were fairly narrow, meaning that the effects were more focused on a small area. This not only lead to more sessions overall, but the treatment sessions also lasted about an hour or so. 

With new advancements, the applicators have become wider, allowing professionals to target a bigger area in a shorter time. Most areas can now be treated in 35 minutes.  Considering that most patients want multiple cycles, they prefer speedy sessions rather than sitting for hours on a treatment table. This is how CoolSculpting® Elite came to be—the machine that can tackle two areas at the same time!

Changes in the Treatment Prices

At this point, you may be wondering if the prices have also been reduced to accommodate the shorter treatment time. In a way, yes. When CoolSculpting® was first introduced, the original listing price was $800 per cycle, depending on the treatment area. If you wanted to have a bigger area treated, the price would double, as you would have to use the larger handpiece, bringing the final cost of a cycle to $1,600.

At the moment, the retail price is still $800 per cycle. However, the larger handpiece is no longer double the price when using the new CoolSculpting® Elite, and package pricing for multiple cycles is available.

Keep in mind that each patient is different and the final price of the CoolSculpting® treatment depends on the size of the treatment area and the number of cycles you require. The more cycles you will need, the lower the per price per cycle becomes. CoolSculpting® effects are meant to be permanent with 20 to 25 percent of the fat reduced per treatment cycle. Your medical provider will provide you with exact pricing during your personalized consultation.

Can You Reduce the Costs of CoolSculpting®? 

CoolSculpting® itself offers an attractive package as of spring 2023. Through the “It Takes Two” campaign, patients can pay the $800 listing price for four cycles, receiving four other cycles for free. In the end, you will only pay around $400 per cycle, which is the lowest and most attractive deal ever offered by CoolSculpting®. 

Is CoolSculpting® Worth It?

CoolSculpting® is a great alternative to diets, creams, and various treatment methods for reducing stubborn fat. Most people spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars on diets and gym memberships to no avail, but with CoolSculpting®, you might be able to eliminate stubborn fat in just a few cycles. If this sounds appealing to you, we can set up a CoolSculpting® consultation to discuss your goals and desires, the treatment plan, and the costs associated with this body-contouring treatment.


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