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Lumenis Accupulse CO2 Laser


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What is Lumenis Accupulse CO2 Laser?

The Lumenis Accupulse CO2 laser is a state-of-the-art fractionated ablative laser that is used to resurface the skin. It removes the thin outer layer of skin and heats the underlying skin or dermis. The perfect time to do this procedure is fall or winter when we can avoid the intense rays of the sun and allow the skin to heal. Dramatic results can be achieved by this super collagen boosting treatment.

While you may need to protect the skin with an ointment for a few days, you can be back to makeup typically in one week. While we will only perform this treatment within safe parameters, in general, the deeper the treatment, the longer the healing time, and the more dramatic the result.

The CO2 laser will correct sun-damaged skin, uneven pigment, fine lines, deep wrinkles, large pores, and scars. CO2 lasers are amazing at brightening and tightening the skin.


20% Off Your 1st Service

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What does fractionated mean?

Fractionated means the laser pokes holes into the skin rather than removing all the skin. This allows deeper penetration of the skin with quicker healing than if all the tissue was removed. The red dots in the grid are where the skin has been ablated. The non-red portions are intact skin. Treating the skin in this manner allows faster healing time and less complications.

What does ablative mean?

Ablative means the outer layers of skin are destroyed. This happens when the laser heats the water in the skin causing the tissue to vaporize. This results in a controlled burn resulting in redness, weeping and tender skin. The end result is new skin!

How long does it take to heal?

How long it takes to heal depends on how healthy your skin is, how deep we penetrate the skin and how many holes we put in it. The more damaged the skin, the deeper the penetration and the more holes we place means longer healing time. Most patients are back to makeup within 4-7 days, but deeper treatments can take up to 2 weeks.

What is the aftercare?

We provide you with the products you need to use on your skin directly after treatment to help the skin heal its best. These products include occlusive agents to keep irritants from affecting the wounded skin, serums as needed and of course, sunblock.

What will I look like after treatment?

Lumenis Accupulse CO2 LaserWhile not everyone heals the same, this is one of our clients at 3 days after treatment. We used deeper settings on her lower face, lateral cheeks and upper eyes. Notice where we treated her lighter (the forehead) is not nearly as red.

What is required of the patient?

CO2 laser skin treatments requires good cooperation from the patient to ensure healthy healing. Follow directions, ask questions, alert the office if anything seems off, avoid things that can irritate or infect the skin and of course, stay out of the sun till fully healed.

Can everyone get CO2 laser?

The Accupulse Laser is a powerful laser that works best on certain skin types. Unfortunately, we cannot treat darker skin types, pregnant women, over infections, people with certain health conditions, people who smoke and people who keloid or scar easily.

What are the risks to treatment?

Anytime the skin is penetrated infection is a risk. Other risks include scarring, dermatitis, poor wound healing, hyperpigmentation, hypopigmentation, increased redness, herpes activation, and unpleasant cosmetic results.

Why should I do CO2?

CO2 is excellent to reduce wrinkles, tighten the skin, remove pigmentation, reduce acne and other types of scars and soften dry, damaged skin.


What They Say

Chris, laser technician

This office is the cleanest office I have ever been in, and I have been in a lot of offices.


You are worth your weight in gold. Thank you so much. My face looks amazing and I'm very happy, especially with what you did around my mouth. You are amazing.


During my years working in the cosmetic industry I have had several different injectors… doctors, surgeons and nurses. I have to say Laura Carlsen is the BEST. She has a gentle touch and an artist’s eye, she listens to her patients and is committed to achieving THEIR desired results. Not only did get me amazing results I saw her treat hundreds of patients with the same outcome. I trust her so much that still fly to Denver from NYC (even with 1000’s of good injectors here) to be treated by her. If you are looking to enhance and freshen up your look without being “overdone” go see her, you will be glad you did.


After 10 years of getting botox with someone else, who I really liked, I thought I'd try the "new place" that opened up closer to me. I'm so glad I did! Laura was so great. She has a gentle touch, but even better, my results are perfection! My lines are gone, but I also look natural. She took her time, talked to me about what I wanted, and gave me her advice. She was right about everything. I'm grateful and glad I took a chance on something new. I've found my new home. I'm telling all of my girlfriends too. See you soon, Lisa


Thank you for helping me, in so many ways, reduce the haggard signs of aging. You have achieved this in subtle ways to give me the best case "natural look" of a 63 year old woman. I also greatly appreciate your gentle car, your critical eye to assess the desired outcome, and your thoughtful exploration of different options, to achieve the desired affects. With heartfelt gratitude.


I have had the pleasure of knowing Laura for over 23 years. In that timespan, I have continued with her as a client because no matter what avenue of vanity she services - I have yet to find another practitioner who is so educated and in-tune with my specific issues and concerns. Laura is brilliant in her career and in life as a whole and I am ALWAYS happy to refer her to anyone who is looking for "THE BEST FACIAL" on the planet - cosmetic procedures - a consultation - you name it!! And just to be clear - every one of my referrals has come back to me with nothing but gratitude and success!


Working in the cosmetic industry for over ten years, I am very picky about where I go for filler and injections.

Laura, is by far, the best injector I’ve ever been to! She is extremely knowledgeable and always makes me feel comfortable. Her technique leaves me looking very natural and not “frozen” or over done(which is easy to do). Also, if you’ve never had Botox or fillers, she is extremely gentle. Definitely a huge plus!!

In addition to Botox and filler (Restylane, Juvederm and Volbella), I have also seen Laura to treat my chronic migraines and have had two treatments of Kybella!!! She really is an artist and I’m so happy to have found her!


Laura has been working on my skin for over 20 years, first as an aesthetician, and now as a laser and injectable nurse. I get so many compliments on my skin. I am 80 years old and most people guess my age to 60. Her knowledge and skill level is top-notch.


Laura Carlsen truly has a gift when it comes to skin care. Not only is she extraordinarily skilled and knowledgeable. She is very professional, listens to my needs and I always leave feeling and looking luminous, young, and completely revitalized. I have been to so many salons searching for this amazing talent and now that I have found her, I will always be a “forever” client.


The Tribella was worth every penny.


I want to thank you for everything that you have done for over the years. You are a truly a gifted artist that can correct my facial imperfections making me feel younger and more confident. You are the BEST in the profession!

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