SkinMedica® for Colorado’s Harsh Climate

The weather is warming up, and it is time to prepare for some fun! If you live in Colorado, there are plenty of opportunities for you to enjoy your time outdoors, but you must also remember that Colorado’s climate can be harsh on your skin. This means that you should use the appropriate skincare at all times.

Without the proper care, skin damage can happen at any moment, and you need to know how to repair it if it does. Medical-grade skincare is the recommended solution as it features potent active ingredients. In this blog, you will learn more about SkinMedica®’s Dermal Repair Cream, a great ally against the not-so-friendly Colorado weather.

What Makes the Colorado Climate So Harsh?

For the most part, Colorado gets plenty of sunshine, and while winters are very cold, they are generally not harsh. However, the warm season brings a fair amount of sun and UV radiation. While this might seem like good news for your days at the lake, the skin will not share that same opinion.

Heat waves are a variable event in Colorado. The warmer weather can further lead to oxidative stress, which stimulates the free radical production in your skin. Dehydration is also an issue, making the skin look dull and patchy. 

The higher you are above sea level, the higher the chances of sun damage. For instance, cities like Littleton are one mile above sea level. This means you are likely to experience sun damage faster, which can manifest itself through photoaging. The more time you spend in the sun, the more collagen you will lose, putting you at risk of fine lines and wrinkles.

Top Ingredients for Colorado’s Climate

SkinMedica® is an excellent product for your skincare thanks to its medical-grade products. To counter the damage caused by Colorado’s climate, you can use Dermal Repair Cream. It not only protects but potentially reverses some of the effects that have already been created. Below are the ingredients that make the moisturizer a great choice for this environment:

  • Vitamin C

One of the main ingredients in SkinMedica®’s Dermal Repair Cream is Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate, the scientific name for oil-based Vitamin C. This ingredient is very effective at protecting from and potentially reversing sun damage. 

When used on the skin, it scavenges free radicals that damage your skin cells. In the harsh sunshine of Colorado, this can help keep you youthful for a longer time.

  • Vitamin E

Another key ingredient within the SkinMedica® cream is Tocopheryl Acetate, a stabilized organic compound derived from vitamin E. The product also contains Tocopheryl Linoleate, which is another form of vitamin E that can keep the skin supple and moist.

Similar to Vitamin C, this also protects against free radicals. Not only can it improve skin texture, but it also has the potential to reduce fine lines. 

  • Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a favorite in many people’s skincare routine, especially as they reach their 30s. Since the sun can damage hyaluronic acid bonds, the Dermal Repair Cream can help replenish what you have lost. 

Once applied, the HA molecules in the cream have the potential to bind to water molecules 40 times their size. This helps your skin look plumper, potentially stimulating collagen production.

  • Algae Extract

Last but not least, algae extract can inhibit melanin production, making it a great addition to the cream. This helps protect against and potentially reduce brown spots, leaving a smoother skin tone behind. It also relieves inflammation and skin aging, making it a good choice against wrinkles and redness.

Try SkinMedica®’s Dermal Repair Cream for Smooth Skin!

Colorado’s climate might be excellent for your vacation, but your skin rarely takes kindly to it, especially when living there without a proper skincare routine. Frequent exposure to sunshine can damage your skin, causing it to look aged ahead of its time. To keep yourself looking youthful, SkinMedica®’s Dermal Repair Cream can help repair the damage. Contact us now for an appointment!


For more information about SkinMedica® and its Dermal Repair Cream, please contact Artistry Skin & Laser at 720-593-1816. We can offer all the details you need to get the appropriate skincare routine. Alternatively, you can fill out our online contact form and we will get in touch with you shortly for an appointment.

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