What Is Laser Genesis™? Everything You Need to Know About the Procedure

Unfortunately, skin imperfections can age your skin. For instance, acne scars can lead to an unsightly texture that makes you look several years older. As acne in adult men and women can be quite persistent, the marks can often stay for a long time. The steady loss of collagen also adds more troubles, leading to fine lines and other imperfections.

The Laser Genesis™ procedure is an excellent way to prevent your skin from losing its shine earlier than it should. This treatment can keep collagen production growing and help you enjoy youthful, radiant skin. Let’s find out more!

What Is Laser Genesis™?

Laser Genesis™ is a procedure that uses a laser to heat your skin and start its healing process. The laser used in the treatment is fairly gentle so it can be used on every skin type and tone. It also starts a new production of collagen, which can help the skin in multiple ways.

The treatment can be used for various imperfections, from pigmentation to standard aging signs. As it takes only about 30 minutes to perform, most people consider it a “lunchtime treatment,” bringing very few side effects. Women and men alike can use it for skin rejuvenation and prejuvenation.


Benefits of Laser Genesis™ 

Laser Genesis™ brings multiple benefits to its users, including the following: 

1. Sun Damage Reversal

UV rays can potentially destroy collagen bonds, which leads to premature signs of aging. This can lead to wrinkles and prompt the appearance of uneven skin tones and sun spots. Laser Genesis™ encourages collagen production, reversing sun damage and restoring the youthful look you had before undertaking summer activities.

2. Redness Reduction

Redness often happens when broken vessels underneath the skin act out whenever blood starts flowing more than it should. In some patients, the condition is even more obvious, leading to the development of rosacea. Laser Genesis™ can help clot the blood vessels and ultimately have them closed down, reducing the appearance of facial redness.


3. Wrinkle Control

Wrinkles often occur due to the body’s inability to produce as much collagen as you age. The laser heats the skin, stimulating your skin’s new collagen production. This can help soften the intensity of your wrinkles and improve skin’s smoothness by reducing fine lines over time as collagen increases.

4. Acne Scar Reduction

Acne scars are very common, especially in the later stages of life when collagen production lowers. Laser Genesis™ not only targets the pigment associated with the scar but also improves collagen production in the treated area. So, if the scars create pits in your skin, this procedure can help fill them in. The treatment can also minimize the size of your pores, which are responsible for acne in the first place.

5. Skin Tone Improvement

Various factors like sun exposure, stress, and genetic abnormalities can cause your skin tone to be uneven. This may only involve a few spots here and there for some people, but other patients have significant symptoms. Laser Genesis™ can break down unwanted pigment, improve your skin tone, and offer you a brighter complexion. 

6. Moisture Restoration

Laser Genesis™ promotes elastin and collagen production and restores lost moisture to your skin. Your skin will likely look smoother and have a youthful radiance that glows. This makes the procedure effective for those with a dull complexion.

Laser Genesis™ for a Youthful Complexion 

Laser Genesis™ is an excellent procedure to reduce or delay signs of aging without worrying about downtime. The earlier you get the treatment, the more benefits it can bring to your skin. Call Artistry Skin & Laser and set up an appointment for Laser Genesis™!


For more information about Laser Genesis™ and the benefits that it may bring, please contact Artistry Skin & Laser at 720-593-1816. We can offer you all the information you need to make an informed decision. Alternatively, you can fill out our online contact form, and we can get in touch with you as soon as possible for an appointment!

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