Top Ways to Avoid Semaglutide Face

Semaglutide has become a very effective way of reducing your appetite and cravings, making it a reliable ally in the battle against excess weight. With reduced food intake, patients no longer have as much trouble dropping weight fast and gaining a slim body. The problem is that semaglutide can also lead to some unwanted symptoms.

A common side effect of semaglutide treatment that not many talk about is the semaglutide face. With this treatment, your body can become toned due to your daily activity; however, things are not that simple for the facial area.

Why Does Semaglutide Face Happen?

When undergoing semaglutide treatment, you are injected with a substance that alters your body’s response to glucagon and insulin. This affects how you store insulin, regulating your blood sugar. It is one of the reasons why semaglutide has been used to treat type 2 diabetes before its weight loss properties were discovered. 

The problem is that the skin on your body is not the only part that stretches under excess fat. Your face does, too. Therefore, the skin will remain and look saggy when you start losing weight. This is even more prevalent once you pass your 30s and your collagen and elastin production are already depleted. The thinning, sagging skin will make you look aged even if you aren’t. At Artistry Skin & Laser, we want you to look and feel your best all around! We offer treatments that can enhance your appearance and make you feel more confident with your new look. 

Tips to Avoid or Reduce Semaglutide Face Effect

There are several ways to reduce the effect of semaglutide face or prevent it from happening. This can include the following: 

1. Create a Good Skincare Routine

Skincare is very important, especially when undergoing semaglutide treatments. To keep your skin nourished and able to keep up, you should use products that have anti-aging properties, such as retinol. Medical-grade skincare is often your best bet here, as it has higher concentrations of active agents. 

2. Get Injectable Treatments

When facial volume is lost due to weight loss, you can restore it. This doesn’t mean you’ll need to regain weight, but you can still fill the gaps. Injectables like dermal fillers are often great for restoring volume. Their gel-like formula adds more structure using hyaluronic acid. Fillers give the face a younger, healthy, and natural-looking appearance.

3. Consider Microneedling

As mentioned, semaglutide face happens because there is not enough collagen in your face to help the skin keep up with the weight loss. However, its production can be easily triggered by using the correct technique. Microneedling creates microscopic channels in your skin that will start new collagen and elastin production. Used regularly and early in the treatment, it can help the skin keep up with the weight loss.

4. Go for Laser Resurfacing

Laser resurfacing and skin tightening procedures can also help you avoid semaglutide face. These procedures often use radiofrequency and IPL, sometimes in combination with microneedling, to deliver gentle heat to your skin. This will start your body’s healing response, automatically producing new collagen. With monthly maintenance treatments, you can reduce the appearance of a sagging, semaglutide face. 

Put Your Best Face Forward!

There may not be much you can do to stop semaglutide face from happening, but that doesn’t mean you have to make your peace with it. With some care and the proper procedure at the right moment, you can prevent your face from losing its plumpness. Contact Artistry Skin & Laser and schedule an appointment!


For more information about semaglutide face, you can contact Artistry Skin & Laser at 720-593-1816. We can answer all your questions so that you know what to expect. To improve the features of your face after semaglutide, fill out our online contact form, and we will see which procedure works best for you!

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