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November 19, 2019
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November 19, 2019

I had a client come in a few weeks ago who was in her mid-40’s. She had the most beautiful skin. I asked her what she did to take such good care of her skin. She told me she has been doing microneedling treatments every 6 weeks for years. The constant stimulation of the skin is akin to shaving, only better. Microneedling can be done at any time of the year. It is safe, comfortable and has little to no downtime.

Who is a Candidate for Microneedling?

Anyone with sun damage, acne, large pores, scarring, fine lines or wrinkles can benefit from microneedling. The procedure generally takes 30 minutes with 30 minutes of topical numbing cream applied before the procedure. The procedure is great for the face, neck, chest, arms, back, or anywhere where the skin is rough or has sun damage.

Is it Painful?

When I first learned about microneedling it sounded extreme. I was so pleasantly surprised when I had my first treatment. The pain was minimal, most of it felt like a vibration more than a needle prick. The nose gets a little tickly, but I would describe the treatment as quite comfortable.

What Does it Do?

Microneedling is also known as collagen induction therapy. As the skin ages, the natural architecture of the skin deteriorates, leading to imperfections and causing our skin to look aged. Microneedling creates thousands of micro-injuries in the skin which stimulates the body’s healing mechanisms and promotes collagen and elastin synthesis. These two proteins are responsible for the bounce and plumpness of our skin. So, if you want firmer, tighter, healthier-looking skin, then try collagen induction therapy, better known as microneedling. Your skin will thank you.

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