The Daily Assault on our Skin
November 19, 2019

Fall and winter are the perfect time to treat them. Why? Because compression hose must be worn for a few weeks post procedure. Wearing pantyhose is not very fun in the summertime. So, do your treatments now so those legs look good by summer.

Am I a Candidate?

If you have bluish, purple or red leg veins that you don’t like the appearance of, then you are a candidate. If however you have bulging, painful veins then I would suggest you start with an ultrasound to pinpoint the area of reflux, where blood is traveling downward instead of upward. Getting the deeper veins treated first ensures success when treating the lesser veins.

Will the Veins stay gone Forever?

The vessels treated will stay gone forever. However, if your body likes to grow veins it will invariably grow new ones. The average patient I have treated does 2-3 sessions and the vessels have stayed gone 3-5 years.

Is it Painful?

You will experience little tiny pokes in the legs. Some you won’t feel at all, and others may smart a little. Typically, patients find it much more comfortable than they expected.

At Artistry Skin and Laser, we have been injecting veins for over 10 years. We offer free consultations and often same-day appointments. We also carry compression stockings in a variety of sizes. Please call or schedule online at: 720-593-1816.

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