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February 12, 2019
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March 14, 2019

Hollywood’s celebrities have been touting the results of microneedling and blood facials the last few years.   Kim Kardashian made quite the splash when she posted pictures of herself during such a procedure.  Well, things have just gotten a little more exciting.  Venus Viva just announced its new protocol featuring skin resurfacing with PRP (platelet rich plasma, the blood in blood facials). 

Venus Viva

While Venus Viva is fantastic on its own, the addition of PRP makes this treatment even better.  So, what is it?  The device creates tiny channels in the skin, allowing stimulation of new collagen to grow in those areas.  It works great on wrinkles, uneven pigmentation, acne scars, other scars, stretch marks, rosacea, enlarged pores, and dull skin.  This treatment is safe for all skin tones.  The downtime is minimal, typically mild swelling and blotchiness for one day.  You can wear makeup again in 24 hours.  Results can last years, especially when doing a series of 3-4 treatments, spaced one month apart.

Platelet rich plasma (PRP)

PRP is obtained from your own blood.  We draw a small amount of blood, spin it in a centrifuge, to separate the red blood cells from the plasma and platelets, and then apply the plasma to your skin.  Your PRP is filled with bioactive growth factors.  As described in one recent peer-reviewed research article (Nicolitti, et al, p 8,  2019)  that looked at tissue samples, the “PRP enhanced the overall vitality of the skin samples as demonstrated by the macroscopic persistence of a lively pink color, up to, and even beyond 5 days, while the samples, cultured in the other conditions displayed a shift toward a yellow cadaveric color well before this time.”  I prefer my skin pink with vitality than looking like a corpse.

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