November 19, 2019
Youthful skin over the age of 40
November 19, 2019

The first laser ever used for laser hair removal was a Ruby laser in 1996 with FDA approval in 1997. The procedure was slow, the machine was bulky and the risk for burns was high. Lasers have changed a lot over the years. There are multiple parameters that the provider must be knowledgeable about before performing a treatment.

The first parameter is knowing the correct wavelength. There are a few to choose from, with longer wavelengths being safer for darker skin types. Next, we should know which size handpiece, or spot size, to use. The larger the spot size, the more hairs can be treated. The quality of the laser and its power determines how large of a spot size can be used. Next, is the amount of energy that should be used for the treatment. Part of this is patient tolerance, and part of it is knowing your laser. The last parameter is how quickly the energy should be delivered to the hair. Finer hairs will need the energy delivered faster than thicker hairs which need a longer expanse time of the energy.

Why am I sharing all this technical information? I want to stress that selecting a machine and a provider matter. Not all laser hair removal machines are created equal. There are some really bad ones still out on the market. Having over 10 years of experience doing treatments and teaching other providers, I want you to be safe and get what you pay for. Some of the larger laser hair removal companies have good machines, but charge 3x what they should be charging. They often lure you in with promotions and their sale price is still crazy high.

Artistry Skin and Laser in Littleton, will provide you with a free consultation and prices that are extremely reasonable. Best of all, each provider has over 10-years experience and knows the science behind what we are doing. As my ex-boss used to say “we aren’t monkeys with a button.” So, if you want the best in laser hair removal, give us a call. We would be happy to educate and we treat you well.

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