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November 19, 2019
Laser Hair Removal
November 19, 2019

Oh gravity! While we are grateful that you keep our feet walking on the earth, what you do to our skin is another story. Since we can’t stand on our heads all day, how can we keep our jowls from sagging below our jaw line? One neat little trick is Kybella. Kybella is an injectable from the makers of Botox. It contains an ingredient (deoxycholic acid) that is used in our gallbladder, essentially to scrub fat and rid the body of it. As we age, our tissue sags and our fat pads shift. While you could consider plastic surgery, you may be too young, not ready for it, or don’t want such an invasive procedure. Kybella is a perfect alternative. The procedure is quick, just a 20-minute office procedure, and the results are permanent. Injections are done wherever there is fullness; whether it is under the chin, under the jawline or on the jawline. Treatment is customizable and tailored to your unique situation. We can help you maintain a youthful look by slimming the lower part of the face and jawline and we can also plump the cheeks with a little bit of filler. Essentially fighting the downward pulling effects of gravity.


flat cheeks, prominent jowls

Unlike Botox, the results are permanent. If you need a pick me up…this may be the procedure for you. Artistry Skin and Laser in Littleton offers free consultations. With years of experience behind us, and our artistic eye, we specialize in creating more youthful, natural looking appearances.

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