Artistry Shares “Inner Beauty Journey”

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January 3, 2019
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What Beauty Can Do…and Not Do…for You.

I have been in the beauty business most of my adult life.  Starting as a hairdresser, an aesthetician, a salesperson for Aveda products, and a nurse injector.  Working in this industry, I have witnessed a wide range of attitudes about beauty (I say “beauty,” but this applies to men feeling handsome as well).  I see men and women who care very little about their appearance and those who obsess over every little line or bump on their skin.

Often, getting obsessed over our looks can be tied to a life event such as a divorce, getting fired or starting to date again.  We want people to see us a certain way.  The mirror doesn’t always cooperate.

Feeling your best and looking your best gives you the confidence to face some of the scarier things in life, some of the big life changes.  Feeling pretty or handsome makes you feel “alright” like you deserve to be in the game and part of the team.  Days when I feel I look decent put a spring to my step and a smile on my face.  Days when I feel I look awful make me want to go back to bed and hide from everyone. 

Self-Esteem Is More Than Just Skin Deep

Clients often come to me as part of their normal routine.  Yet, many come when the emotional pain of status quo becomes too much.  They need a change, a lift, a mood boost.  Quite often, the work we do at Artistry Skin and Laser is exactly what they need.  I frequently have clients cry when they first look in the mirror after one of their treatments.  Literally cry.  The mirror reflection is so tied to our self-esteem.  I love those people, and just want to hug them.  Seeing them feel good, gives me a joy that is difficult to put into words. 

Finding The Balance

To make that feeling last though is the challenge.  That is where our thoughts come into the picture.  Having ugly thoughts does not make for a pretty person.  Ugly thoughts can be about themselves, other people, or the world.  When the inner beauty matches the outer beauty, we are in alignment.  Inner beauty can radiate from giving, from a sense of purpose, or merely from having peaceful thoughts about ourselves and those we encounter.  Those things take practice, especially if you were raised in a home where negative thinking and gossip were the norm.  Finding events, books, uplifting people, classes or anything that nudges you towards beautiful thoughts will change your outlook and your life. 

After I went through a painful break-up a few years ago, I poured myself into books.  Reading over 200 books in 6 years.  I also went to a life coach, took yoga and let go of the more negative people in my life.  Those changes led to new changes.  I now am in school getting my masters and just opened my own business….Artistry Skin and Laser.  While making people look more beautiful on the outside is my specialty, making people feel more beautiful on the inside is my passion.

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