Artistry Skin and Laser was the vision of Laura Carlsen. After spending nearly 10 years as Clinic Manager in a busy skin care and vein clinic, Laura wanted to provide the treatments she felt were the best for her clients. She hires experienced providers and demands the best from them. Training is extensive and thorough, and every provider is required to stay current.

Every client is important. While helping you maintain your beauty and youthful look, we believe the inner spirit is vitally important to the outer look. Emotional pain does not look good on anyone. When you visit us, we hope to bring an ounce of peace to your day.

One of Laura’s passions involves learning about spirituality, which she credits for helping her overcome many challenges in her life. Topics of interest include: being authentic, loving what is and not trying to change what can’t be changed, being present in the moment, directing the mind and emotions, and seeing the spirit in each individual.

Watch for events that combine the beauty of the inner and outer spirit. If we can be helpful or supportive of your inner journey in any way, please let us know.

Mission Statement

To provide treatments that communicate passion for the lifetime health of your skin.